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Wednesday 05/09/2018
Sheraton Hall C
12:00PM - 12:30PM
(30 minutes)

Keynote Presentation

How Artists Can Fight the Internet Monopoly

Move Fast and Break Things: How Google, Facebook and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy (Little, Brown) tells the story of how a small group of libertarian entrepreneurs (Peter Thiel and Larry Page among them) hijacked the original decentralized vision of the Internet, in the process creating behemoth monopoly firms that now determine the future of the music, film, television, publishing, and news industries. Building their businesses to scale by tolerating piracy while at the same time promoting opaque business practices and subordinating the individual privacy of their users, the founders of Facebook, Google, and Amazon have together built a way of doing business predicated on surveillance marketing, one in which more creative content is being consumed that ever before but less revenue is flowing to those who make and own the content.
Featured Speaker
Jonathan Taplin
USC Annenberg Innovation Lab
Los Angeles, USA