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Wednesday 05/09/2018
Sheraton Hall A/B
12:00PM - 12:30PM
(30 minutes)

Keynote Presentation

MAGNIFY Ted Cohen hosts fireside chat with record producer Joe Solo about the Future of 4D Sound Joe Solo, Mini Keynote The Future of 4D Sound

The Future Of Immersive Sound- A Record Producer’s Perspective

“Imagine slipping on a headset and instantly you are inside the music: The drums and organ envelope you like a think wall of sound stretching completely around your head. The bass feels like it’s beneath you. A single note of lead guitar hangs in the distance far behind and above your right shoulder, then suddenly shoots toward you and breaks into a flurry of guitar solo shred swirling over, under, and around your head several times before screeching to single sustained in-your-face note dead center in front of your eyes. Moments later that note slowly morphs into a flutter of echoes that suddenly drift up and to the left as if heading for their final resting place in the distant stars…”

Until recently, the VR/AR industry has been focused primarily on perfecting the visual and hepatic aspects of the experience. However, the audio used has been the same standard stereo we’ve had for decades.

Until now.

Record Producer Joe Solo, (Apple, Sony, Macy Gray, Interscope, Pepsi, Universal) has developed a fascinating keynote exclusively for Canadian Music Week:

Joe will introduce you to the new technology and fresh techniques that are being developed for creating the next generation of sound placement, sonic motion, and music production:
Immersive Audio.

Funny and motivational, this music industry thought leader will inspire you to invent new ways to use immersive audio to elevate both recorded and live music presentation - and will also reveal his take how immersive audio can even be leveraged in the marketing of music in new ways.

Joe encourages heavy audience participation from the start and also does on-the-spot Q & A.
“Unbutton your imagination and prepare to be involved in a fun keynote!” says Joe.

Joe is CEO of Joe Solo Music+Entertainment, Inc. and is founder of The Music Success Workshop. This is were he coaches music creatives on how to achieve success on their own terms in the music and related industries. Through books, videos, live talks, weekend retreats, and a future TV show, Joe’s mission is to help the 60-70 million aspiring music professionals around the globe realize their music dream.

To get his FREE Music Success Video Nuggets, and for info on attending The Joe Solo Malibu Beach House Music Success Retreat:
Featured Speaker
Joe Solo
CEO + Record Producer
Joe Solo Music+Entertainment, Inc.
Los Angeles, USA
Ted Cohen
Managing Partner
TAG Strategic
Los Angeles, USA