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Wednesday 03/21/2012
Concert Hall
9:35AM - 10:15AM
(40 minutes)


Social Revolution: How Social Media Are Re-inventing our World

Revolutions create upheaval but they also usher in much-needed change and innovation. The social revolution is not only reinventing our dialog, but also how consumers interact with business and government. In this entertaining and informative session, you will not only learn how “ubertrends” are reshaping society, but you will also gain an insider perspective on how socially propelled phenomena, from crowdsourcing to realtime analytics to influence metrics, are redefining our future, down to the business of cloud synching.

• Who are the two most valued tech companies? What can we learn from their success?
• What travel company has successfully leveraged the “Time Compression” Ubertrend for 38 straight years?
• What social-based technology will impact digital media the most?