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Thursday 03/22/2012
Concert Hall
9:00AM - 9:30AM
(30 minutes)

Business Keynote

What’s Next? The Future of the Agency Business

The agency business is undergoing tumultuous change. Just when we think we have a handle on a new disruption in the marketing universe (e.g., Facebook, iPhone), something new comes along to throw it all back into chaos. Throughout its history, R/GA has reinvented itself every nine years -- from computer-assisted filmmaking (1977-1985) to an integrated digital studio (1986-1994) to an interactive agency (1995-2004) to the "agency for the digital age" (2005-2012). Now R/GA is contemplating its next nine-year cycle and the fifth reinvention in the company's history. Join R/GA's Barry Wacksman, EVP, chief growth officer, in an exploration of how to grow and thrive amid the chaos as R/GA contemplates the future of the agency business.