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Tuesday 03/19/2013
3:20PM - 4:00PM
(40 minutes)

Keynote Presentation

Digital Transformation - The Opportunity For Marketers

Since the birth of the modern economy, the death of once successful companies has been a fact of life. Limited by their ability to respond to disruptive change, only select few companies have managed to survive and remain dominant in their industries over the last 50 years. Today, the key detriment of whether any established business will survive is its ability to adapt to the changes brought on by digital.

Despite the knowledge that innovation is urgent and essential, most businesses find themselves trapped by their responsibility to uphold existing business models and make next quarter’s numbers. Marketers, who have done a good job talking about and experimenting with embracing digital, often find that they are prevented from effecting change by structural impediments in the organization. limited budgets and uncertain results.

In this presentation, Eric Moore will show how to overcome these challenges and create a future in the new digital economy. Moore will outline the principal changes in technology, demography and consumer behavior that will shape marketing over the next decade, and how marketers can use digital to drive overall performance in the organization.