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Tuesday 03/19/2013
11:40AM - 12:25PM
(45 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Anticipating The Issues: User Generated Content

As might be expected, companies have been looking for ways to profit from the massive popularity of Social Media and User Generated Content. Contests, Promotions, and Social Media engagement initiatives have taken UGC from a buzz term to an effective interactive marketing practice. While using incentives and garnering the super fans of brands and entertainment as social activates brings many advantages, it can also develop into a nightmare for both marketing and legal. This panel will discuss the legal and application issues when dealing with UGC.

Talking Points:
-What are some of the ways for selecting which content should be featured ?
-Do you allow self regulation, monitor, or approve all UGC content?
-How to avoid the legal issues – especially relating to minors or copyrighted content?
-What the most effective ways of driving engagement with UGC?