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Wednesday 03/20/2013
3:55PM - 4:35PM
(40 minutes)

Keynote Session

Brand Vacuum - Why Nobody Cares About Your Silly Brand...And What to Do About It

Brands are furiously producing content for the social web but are, overall, frustrated with the results. Why aren’t people commenting, engaging, buying? Sadly, it’s because brands are operating in a dangerous vacuum of thinking people care about the brand, too. People, don’t. They care about themselves and their own interests. In this keynote talk, social media pioneer Jason Falls will spell out why people don’t care about your social content, how we know and what to do about it.

Key Takeaways:

Statistics that indicate not the who or how many, but *why* people use social networks

Why brands have gotten the social web wrong in most cases

Examples and advice on how to get out of the brand vacuum