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Tuesday 03/19/2013
11:40AM - 12:25PM
(45 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Advertising Update: How Have Strategies Changed?

For the advertising industry, the Web is simultaneously the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity in a long time. Not only are there more advertising options available than ever before, but the decision of where to invest advertising dollars is getting harder with the emergence of each new platform and media. With the transition from print to digital, TV to streaming and online, and strong emphasis on social and mobile, how are companies adjusting to these changes? This panel will help navigate what advertisers need to know and consider to make the most of their advertising efforts.

Talking Points:

-What are the most worthwhile advertising investments?
-How has the allocation of budgets changed in recent years?
-What kind of resources and trends should companies watch to be effective?
-Does traditional advertising still work?