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Wednesday 03/20/2013
2:40PM - 3:30PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Connected Content on Multi Screens and Devices

Second Screen, Multi Screen, Connected TV, Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet, Companion Devices – How many screens are we really talking about? In a world where we’ve started renaming the TV to “Main Screen”, its hard enough telling the consumer where to look, let alone figuring out what devices to target to get them there. From the technologies behind this trend, to brains and content creators that have an insight into actual consumer use, this panel will navigate the technology and consumption patterns driving audiences.

Talking Points:
-What are the most popular uses for some of the leading platforms?
-Where are consumers most engaged?
-How do preferences and uses vary by type of audience?
-What should content creators and distributors be doing to avoid falling behind?
Ted Cohen
Managing Partner
TAG Strategic
Los Angeles, USA