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Wednesday 03/20/2013
2:15PM - 2:25PM
(10 minutes)


Ford’s Zombie Escape

Whether you love them or hate them, zombies are one of the most popular monsters today. For the launch the 2013 Ford Escape, Ford Canada partnered with YouTube celebrity Patrick Boivin (famous for the Iron Baby and Dragon Baby videos) to demonstrate the Escape's ability to save lives during the inevitable rise of the undead. The result: Zombie Escape, a YouTube video viewed over 400,000 times across Ford Canada's and Patrick's YouTube channels. In his presentation "Raising the Undead and Favourable Opinion", Mark McKay, Director of Content Strategy at Sonic Boom Creative Media, discusses how a combination of seeding, paid and earned media, and amplification on owned channels pushed the video to nearly half a million views. Other topics covered in the case study include producing disruptive content for conservative brands, success measurement and finding the balance between brand, creativity and product messaging.