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Thursday 05/07/2015
Osgoode Ballroom East
12:30PM - 1:25PM
(55 minutes)

LUNCH Keynote Presentation

LUNCH KEYNOTE: Data Driven Marketing Technologies and Their Role in Modern Marketing

With over 2000 marketing technologies in over 40 categories, choosing the right technologies for your data-driven marketing technology stack is imperative. Do you buy a "marketing cloud" from the tools acquired and pieced together by established tech giants? Or do you build your own custom "Open Marketing Cloud", which may allow for greater flexibility and openness?

This keynote will explore the pros and cons of each potential solution as well as insights the vendors won't tell you. It will highlight the key data you need to understand and uncover some tools that can impact the build of your perfect custom marketing cloud for you business needs. No one size fits all in the marketing technology space. Join Travis for this unique, entertaining, and action-packed presentation to learn where MarTech is headed and how to roll with the changes.