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Thursday 05/07/2015
Sheraton Hall A
10:00AM - 11:00AM
(1 hour)

Innovation Track

Tiny Screens

As device manufactures experiment size and shape to differentiate their new handhelds, phablets and tablets, there are new screens appearing on the market daily on wearables and usables that are forcing designers to rethink data, user interface and the relationship we have with our consumers. From watches to bikes to locks, how can we best communicate information?

Voice, colours, movement, lights, all play a role to make the experience seamless and integrated. What is the new language of this new ambient marketplace? What is the new interface of the smart home or the self driving car?

As Google exits its Glass experiment with low adoption and starts to push Google Cardboard lens, who are the new winners and losers for market and mind share? And who owns the dashboard to tide all their pieces together? Samsung, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Apple?

This panel will debate what direction the market is moving and how best to design your solution to reach and delight your end consumer.