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Thursday 05/07/2015
Sheraton Hall B
1:30PM - 2:20PM
(50 minutes)

Innovation Keynote Presentation

If Things Could Speak

For years, we have struggled to catch up with our smartphone-enabled fans, consumers, and guests. We have built digital destinations for exploring our cars, homes, stores and stadiums using the browser and app storefront.

However, we have a new challenge in 2015. We need to start designing for the physical web. Our venues, restaurants and stores need to interact more intelligently and intuitively with the new consumer.

We are all disciples of Steve Jobs design principles. The proliferation of sensors that monitor our cities, our body, our hotels need to be built with the human at the center. What started with the phone and its cluster of sensors is now revolutionizing other proximal objects giving them new relevance and the economy new business models. This physical Internet will expand the volume of data we consume and have security and privacy implication that will significantly change our social norms.

But the most profound change will be our shared language. The way we speak to our guests and the way they speak to us.

If every”thing” can speak, we then require a universal lingua franca in order to hear and communicate: We are entering a world where things that we connect with, things that were presently limited to an on-and-off switch, now are sentient and we can, and must, understand what they say fluidly.

Gary will speak about this new machine-to-machine revolution and the language that will allow consumers to actively participate.