Mark Melling

Manager Video & Mobile, Ad Products & Operations,
AOL Canada

Toronto, ON, Canada

Mark Melling is the Manager of Video & Mobile Products at AOL Canada where he is responsible for the sales strategy & monetization of Video & Mobile products for Canada as well as leading pricing & yield strategies for AOL’s Owned & Operated sites. Prior to AOL, Melling was at Olive Media, after 4 years working in Asia with a major publisher. Mark is an alumni of the University of Western Ontario, Ryerson University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

AOL is a global media company with the missions to inform, entertain and connect with consumers, advertisers and publishers worldwide. Its online ad network,, is one of Canada’s leading networks. With 23.9 million unique visitors, it reaches 86% of online Canadians. AOL’s premium content destinations reach more than 10.7M Canadians monthly. *

The company encompasses a robust family of brands, including The Huffington Post. Just 15 months after its Canadian launch, it is now one of the country’s largest national news sites, reaching over 4.1 million Canadians and generating over 2 million social actions each month through commenting and sharing platforms. In the French-speaking market, Le Huffington Post Quebec has grown by 185% since last February, firmly establishing itself as a top online news destination in the province.

AOL’s robust suite of products and digital advertising solutions are focused on creatingoriginal digital content across its properties integrating mobile and video solutions. Its award-winning premium ad format, Devil, generates 17% faster engagement, 33% more time spent with the ad, and four times higher brand recall than a standard big box ad, according to an AOL/ EyeTrackShop study conducted in 2012.

With strong brands, impressive reach and unique advertising opportunities, AOL is well positioned to help clients thrive online.