Amber J. Lawson

Managing Partner,

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Amber J. Lawson is managing partner in StoryTech bridging the gap between Storytellers (musicians, show runners & brands) and Technology (as studios, platforms & distribution) launched in partnership with CES at 2013CES creating contextual multi platform storytelling & techonology experiences for Fox, Turner, Modelez, Oakley, Mattel, Gugenheim, Dodgers, Mandlay and more. Storytech consults startups, studios & talent on multi platform storytelling, distribution, interactivity, audience building & management and monetization across ALL screens. In 2012 The Opportunity Management Co merged with StoryTech truly representing the modern ecosystem of Storytellers, Brand, Technology, Distribution. The Opportunity Management Company produced a study on "The Future of Storytelling" for INTEL. While working with Intel TOMC leveraged the Intel product to enable storytelling through traditional storytellers like Tim Kring (HEROS, TOUCH) and Dan Harmon (COMMUNITY) and breakout online talent SMOSH and COLLEGE HUMOR. Prior to joining TOMC Lawson led AOL as VP/ Head of Video Programming & Originals. Lawson's global content influence shaped and branded Babelgum Comedy as Publisher. Her digital leadership and forward thinking resulted in her nomination for 2010 PGA Top 25 in Digital and her receipt the 2011 NATPE Luminary Award. Lawson is Chairman of the IAWTV Awards at CES and on the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmys) Interactive Media Peer Group Executive Council.