Chaotic Moon

Austin, TX, USA

It seems like every day you hear something about “the latest” innovation. William Hurley, or "whurley," as he is known worldwide, has been making these innovations for over 20 years. A holder of 11 patents, named "Master Inventor" by IBM, and with a history in research and development at Apple Computer. whurley is a proven innovator who has constantly pushed the limit.

Along the way, whurley co-founded Chaotic Moon Studios, a leader in mobile development and strategy, who have worked with clients such as NewsCorp, Marvel, Fox, Disney, Pizza Hut, BET, Sesame Street, Pinkberry, TNT, Windows, Betty Crocker, and many others.

n 2007, he co-founded iPhoneDevCamp, teaching eager developers how to prepare for the next big thing: mobile. whurley hasn't slowed down his pace of disruption.

In 2012, he created what Wired Magazine described as "The Best of CES" - an all-terrain skateboard controlled by hand motions, running on a Microsoft Kinnect and Samsung tablet, and achieving an exhilarating top speed of 32MPH. The innovation continued when he partnered with Whole Foods to develop The Smarter Cart™ - the shopping cart of the future, which not only guides customers through the store, helping them find items on their shopping lists, but also scans their food, both to help manage dietary needs and speed the check-out process.

Today, whurley is helping the world's top brands and companies think about the future of their products decades ahead of the curve, envisioning not only the next iteration, but the needs, functions, and lifecycle of the next generation. The Fortune 500 keeps his phone ringing constantly. You can find him speaking around the world on the topics of innovation, Open Source Software, hardware/software integration, and mobile technology.