Christopher Prendergast

Head of Development,

Markham, ON, Canada

I studied engineering and physics at McMaster University, got my teaching degree in Australia and then was the head of science at a small private school in Ontario for three years. When an opportunity to start an exciting Ed-Tech start-up company arose, I jumped at the chance.

Since then I have become the head of development and facilitation at the company, whose goal is to teach math and science curriculum through robotics and coding. I am is constantly tinkering, building, and forever learning about the world of technology. I have been a guitar player for fifteen years and have been playing in a semi professional band for the past four. I love merging technology and music together and have been consistently exploring the opportunities technology brings to musicians, be it software or hardware.

Both teaching and tinkering have given me incredible opportunities such as seven television appearance and consulting education company’s and school boards.

I LOVE playing music with other people, and being innovative and creative with effects, loops, drum machines, and backing tracks. It’s what has propelled me to the proficiency I have today. However, playing the electric guitar this way has always been an awkward struggle of wires, levels, expensive machines, and marginal results. I also noticed that by the time I got set up with everything I needed to play electric guitar, the moment of inspiration may have passed. This time delay also caused me to not pick up my electric guitar as much as my acoustic because of its simplicity. I knew that the new improvements in portable speakers and phone applications could solve this with a compelling solution and genuinely transform the way people play electric guitar. On the business end, I love being my own boss, managing my own projects and other people.
The opportunity to create something that is truly mine is my ultimate goal and I am willing to do whatever is necessary for as long as possible to make it a reality.

JamStack has developed an amplification system which vastly improves the guitar playing experience. It does this by creating an ultraportable, incredible sounding amp that attaches to the base of your electric guitar and integrates with your smart-phone for effects, loops, backing tracks and more. Guitar players now have everything they need at their fingertips, in seconds, anywhere on the planet.