Richard Bullwinkle

Chief Evangelist,
Rovi Corporation

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Richard Bullwinkle joined Rovi Corporation in January 2007 after the company acquired Mediabolic, where he had served as vice president of products and chief evangelist. Since that time, Richard has served as chief evangelist responsible for corporate strategy. In his role, Richard helps define the direction of Rovi’s products and technology solutions. He represents the company at numerous industry events to gather market perspectives and understand trends that have an impact on the company’s customers and the end consumer in order to provide recommendations to the senior team. He also works to establish standards and lead the discussions to promote a better consumer experience throughout the CE industry. Richard has worked on the cutting edge of the digital entertainment movement throughout his career with the consumer experience at the center of his focus. Prior to Rovi, Richard held senior positions at Mediabolic, Rio Audio and TiVo, respectively.